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This is a collection of videos from The OTC Space, a website dedicated to the capital markets and in particular OTC derivatives. For more articles, news and our magazine Rocket, please visit

  1. An interview with John Read founder of Prodktr - Part 2

    A follow up discussion with John on cost pressures, efficiency, staff behaviour and the cloud.

  2. An interview with John Read founder of Prodktr - Part 1

    We discuss the risks and cost pressure to business infrastructure, what firms are doing to contain cost and increase efficiency, the cloud and outsourcing.

  3. Ivno, CloudMargin and Tokenised Collateral Assets

    OTC Space met with Aaron Grantham CEO of Ivno and Simon Middleton Head of Product Development at CloudMargin to learn about their partnership to enable firms to cover exposures 24 hours per day using tokenised assets.

  4. An interview with Arjun Jayaram, CEO of Baton Systems

    The OTC Space talks with Arjun about the overall missing for the Baton platform, how it fits into the existing market infrastructure, where LCH and CCPs fit in and their goal of real time FX PvP settlement in 2021.

  5. An interview with Helen Nicol - Product Management, Vermeg Systems

    An interview covering the new Colline in the Cloud platform. Questions include the target audience for the new platform, how this differs from the existing platform, how the platform is priced and when it is available.

  6. An interview with Adam Toms, CEO OpenFin Europe

    In this interview I ask Adam about web technology, security, the cloud and being a FinTech firm.