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This is a collection of videos from The OTC Space, a website dedicated to the capital markets and in particular OTC derivatives. For more articles, news and our magazine Rocket, please visit

  1. DerivHack 2019 - An Interview with Ian Sloyan of ISDA

    Ian Sloyan is Director, Market Infrastructure and Technology at ISDA and answers 7 key questions about the ISDA Common Domain Model.

    1. What's happened with the CDM since DerivHack 2018?
    2. What will drive take-up of the CDM?
    3. What production systems will be using the CDM?
    4. How have producers of non-ledger software platforms engaged with the common domain model?
    5. How does the scope of the common
    domain model compare with FpML?
    6. What is the future of FpML?
    7. What comes next for the common domain model?

  2. 2019 05 OTC Space Intro

    An introduction to The OTC Space website

  3. Razor Risk Save a Million on Clearing Webinar

    John Lund from JXL Consulting and Peter Walsh from Razor Risk discuss the big opportunities to save costs on clearing.

  4. Collateral Management with triResolve Margin - Parts 1 to 5

    A video with five sections on: Key considerations to achieve compliance, the Market landscape, The impact of regulation, Steps to increase efficiency, and the second wave of European margin rules.

  5. Collateral Management with triResolve Margin - Part 5

    The second wave of European margin rules

  6. Collateral Management with triResolve Margin - Part 4

    Steps to increase efficiency