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  1. Axiom, CloudMargin and OTC Space Uncleared Margin Q&A Webinar

    Watch this playback of the March 7th webinar where Axiom and CloudMargin provided answers to the audience and summarised the current state of implementation of the Uncleared Margin Regulations.

    Below are the key timepoints, plus each segment has a countdown clock so you can navigate the video more easily.

    [00:09] Introductions
    [01:44] Poll results, what sort of role are each of the attendees?
    [02:20] Chart showing the current state of the regulations and commentary
    [04:42] Poll and results on "How has your trading changed since March 1st?"
    [08:39] Audience question: Has CloudMargin seen any volume effects on the platform since March 1st?
    [12:00] Audience question: What activity could be deemed 'material' in demonstrating progress to achieving compliance?
    [16:04] What modifications to your negotiation approach should you consider post March 1st?
    [17:52] How to go about (re)prioritising counterparties?
    [22:35] Audience question: What practical steps are needed to get agreements active?
    [25:53] Poll results: How many agreements remain to implement or remediate for uncleared margin?
    [30:01] Audience question: Are firms including securities in their agreements in advance of the future? (in addition to cash)
    [32:57] Audience question: How well is the ISDA protocol working?
    [37:05] What options should you consider in managing your post-March 1st remediation resourcing?
    [42:29] What are firms doing to implement Swiss CSAs?
    [45:15] Poll results: When do you expect all your CSAs to be compliant?
    [49:59] How will the uncleared margin regulations effect trade reporting?
    [52:05] Audience question: How will the split between cleared and uncleared OTC change over time?
    [54:16] Audience question: How are dealers interpreting the 'limited forebearance', what does that mean to timing?

  2. Post Trade Forum Meeting 2

    A recording of the discussions at the Post Trade Forum meeting on Trade and Transaction Reporting.

  3. Lee McCormack Interview

    Lee McCormack is Head of Strategy & Product Management at CloudMargin. We asked him three simple questions 1) Will the uncleared margin regulations be delayed? 2) Should Firms (who aren't compliant) Continue Trading? and 3) Is Collateral a Front Office Function?

  4. CloudMargin Breakfast Briefing Highlights

    Are you ready for 2017?: Join CloudMargin and SWIFT for a breakfast and discussion on how firms can maximise their collateral management programmes without spending a fortune.
    The financial industry is changing and how companies approach collateral management is becoming increasingly important. CloudMargin and SWIFT host a discussion for collateral managers and their firms to better understand how to use the most innovative communication tools to manage collateral for competitive advantage.
    Panelists include:
    Lee McCormack, Head of Strategy and Product Development, CloudMargin
    Karl Wyborn, Global Head of Sales, CloudMargin
    Matt Cook, Senior Markets Manager Capital Markets & FX, SWIFT
    You will leave having learned…
    The major post-crisis regulatory changes that are affecting the industry
    How the collateral management community has been impacted in the front, middle and back office
    Innovative solutions for managing collateral more efficiently by leveraging legacy and new technologies
    Real life application: How the CloudMargin + SWIFT collaboration allows firms to use SWIFT Standards for sending and receiving assets for collateral and valuations
    What the future holds: 2017 is the year of integration and standardisation

  5. Uncleared Margin for March 1st - A Webinar From Axiom

    The preparations for March 1st are well behind schedule across the OTC market. Find out what firms have been doing, what approaches they are taking, and how to reduce the economic impact of not being ready.

  6. ClearCompress in Three Minutes

    ClearCompress goes beyond traditional compression services to maximise your benefits. Find out how ClearCompress can reduce the notional on your cleared portfolio, reducing tier 1 capital, your leverage ratio and ultimately your costs.